Why not cycling?

In the era of motorbikes and cars why not cycle??? Being eco-friendly and economically friendly it is also beneficial for our health. It helps to increase muscle strength, flexibility and strengthened bones. If you are searching the ways to decrease your body fat then all you need to do is cycling.

These days many people are dealing with anxiety and depression. The joyful moment gained while cycling; magnificent view of Himalayans, the mesmerizing natural waterfall, breath taking views; these natural beauties encountered while paddling the paddles of cycle makes you leave your stress, anxiety and depression back and move forward with a new level of confidence and energy.   When it comes to economy you can save a lot of money along with lots of benefits. Besides its health benefits cycling, being pollution free can be the alternative solution to minimize the pollution. Cycles are operated on muscles power instead of gasoline.

So if you can get a means of transport with all the benefits and even at affordable cost then Why not cycle? The nature is the art of god. It has blessed us with its beauty. So, now it’s our duty to protect its beauty. In this era of pollution by the vehicles you can use cycle and be the one contributing for the protection of nature.

Cycle runs on fat and saves your money where as car/bikes run on your money and makes you fat.”

Written by – Arju Bhandari

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